Heck, I want to be taking pictures at my wedding. 😉

That said, here’s the core of what I would like:

…to have the essence of the day with candid moments.
…to have artistic yet classic formal photography.
…to capture the details of the day, from setup to attire to location
…to have a table-top album for my wife and I.
…to give a smaller version of the table-top album to both mothers.
…an online gallery of the album design linked to a web gallery for purchase of individual prints.
…a framed moment to capture the love between my wife and I to help me remind myself of my love for her.
…the attendees to also provide photography from the day through their eyes, perhaps via “disposable” cameras.
…a group photo of all the attendees of the wedding/reception, ala Folk Fest style. Also, it would be great to have an outline map of the attendees Group Outline Photo

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