I love the idea of having an outdoor wedding. Bill had his at Adlersheim Lodge, and that was a great event. I’ve heard of the idea of having an outdoor wedding, and then providing an umbrella specially printed for the event.

Having the reception at a location different from the ceremony seems like a great way to stagger events. There have been many times where the reception & ceremony are set in the same place, and it seems that people are underfoot while transitions are made, and there is more confusion.

In the case of Scott & Britteny’s wedding, it seemed easy for everyone involved.

However, on the flip side, at Jeff & Erica’s wedding, there was a lot of unrest about the delays of the bride & groom while moving from the Shrine to Auke Bay to catch the boat to Orca Point Lodge.

I tend to like the idea of the bride & groom getting in a limo afterwards to go somewhere… So they don’t need to stick around to clean up things.

Locations seen:

  • Ceremony
    • Shrine
    • Chapel by the Lake
    • Juneau Synagogue
    • Glacier Gardens
    • LDS Church
    • Eagle Beach
    • Adlersheim Property
  • Reception
    • Orca Point Lodge
    • Catholic Church Mess Hall
    • Eagle Beach
    • Juneau Synagogue
    • Mt. Roberts Tram
    • Adlersheim Lodge
  • Rehearsal Dinner
    • Auke Bay Recreation Area Shelter
    • Keith Levy’s residence
    • TK Maguires (Arlo)

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