Wedding Day

No, I am not engaged. Nor do I expect to be engaged within the foreseeable future.

I am simply wanting to note some observations from some of the weddings I’ve attended as notes for what I would like to have with my wedding some day.


I like the premise of a Christian rooted marriage… “two become one”, “have and to hold”, etc., etc. Also, I like the premise of marriage forever, but I’m not sure the implications of that, since I’m not LDS at the moment.

Recently I attended a wedding. The groom’s brother preformed the ceremony. The one thing that stood out was the comic element that he brought. It seems that the officiator sets the tone of the room. I don’t know how to incorporate humor into the day’s events, but I like the idea of it.

Bridal Party Gifts

I think Mikaela gave pearls to her bridesmaids, and Abe provided a nice shirt & tie to each of his groomsmen. I saw a site that made caricatures of the group for a gift. Seems like a neat idea to commemorate the day.


The fancy, classic invitations are a bit more than what I would like, but have a nice touch. I remember seeing Liza’s invitation, and it was two part, custom made. First she had an RSVP card, pre-addressed with options for checking. And second, there was a map with landmarks identified (ceremony, glacier, lodging, etc.) with the descriptions of each marking on the back. This was attached to an admission ticket type invitation.

Additionally, many people have an announcement that they sound out with photos of the engaged. I’m not sure the purpose of these. I wonder if wedding planners have a list of options and pros/cons to review…

Gift Registry

I like asking folks for things. Online registries seem easiest for folks, but I wish there was a way to encourage large gifts (hey, I’m an opportunist.) What would we have in the registry? I dunno. Seemingly things that would help to furnish a new residence together. Perhaps upgrades of many of the things I already own.

Bridal Party





Rehearsal Dinner

The day

I just had the thought that I would like to hire the best server (servant attitude) person I know, pay them and give them a budget just to make the day more pleasant. Drinks, snacks, massage, whatever… Just to make the day a truly special occasion.

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