Things to Do!

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Last updated 11/23/10.

This is a page which will hold a list of things to do prior to detailing what it will feel like, look like, and be like to experience.

  • Cirque du Solei private showing
  • Retire Myself!
  • Retire Other People!
  • Christmas Blessings (Giving a Christmas to someone who wouldn’t get one otherwise)
  • Blessing others financially for their good heart (large tips, cash gifts, etc.)
  • Study my own sleep habits (or pay someone to) so that I can know my optimum sleep schedule.
  • Helicopter Pilot License
  • Snowmobiling adventures
  • spelunking/cave exploration
  • SCUBA diving
  • ice caving
  • “rafting” a river via a log raft that I’ve built myself. Preferably something tropical, with trees coming to the water’s edge. Rapids are unnecessary.Â
  • snow machining
  • heli skiing
  • serene hammock on a remote beach
  • at home theater complete with buttered popcorn
  • see space shuttle launch
  • sailing
  • challenge course (outdoor ed center)
  • Experience safaris in africa/other continents
  • experience mansions in other places (castles, etc)
  • great wall of china (biking?)
  • missionary work (brad)
  • wildlife viewing
  • rv trips across nation
  • semi-truck across the nation
  • wildlife hunting (bear, otherwise?)
  • cool cars
  • clean burning incinerator (tina rice)
  • community wide wifi infrastructure
  • helicopter (waltons bought their 15 yo son a heli)
  • back country trips (camping, exploration, photos)
  • Fishing?Â
  • moments and memories
  • boat? big? small? luxury, functional?Â
  • create a dream slide
  • meet billionaires?Â
  • meet jordan?Â
  • go to airport. get on the first flight leaving.Â
  • Get another set of oaklies
  • “I’ve heard that the ferry ride is beautiful along the coast… One day, I too will take that ride.” -hb

Brainstorming from another session…

Visit and explore

  • New Zealand
  • Eifel Tower
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • New York City // central park, empire state bldg, WTC property,
  • North East fall color change


  • Financial Independence
  • Purchasing $100+K vehicle, cash
  • Dipnet subsistence fishing
  • Hunting large mammal (bear, deer, etc.)
  • Helicopter Piloting
  • Hummer Safari with friends
  • Attend championship games (NBA, World Series, World Cup, Superbowl, Nascar, etc, etc.)
  • 5-star Authentic Dinner, in italy, Greece, Mexico, Thai, India, other locations
  • Catch Live Lobster
  • Swim over King Crab ball
  • Live lava flows in Hawaii


  • Manatees
  • African wildlife hunt
  • Mountain Goat
  • Underwater seals weaving in kelp


  • Hummer (H1)
  • Mercedes CLK-GTR
  • Game room with:
  • – Pool table
  • – Ping pong table
  • – Foos ball table
  • – Bowling lane
  • – Media Game center with up-to-date consoles and game library

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