The Nightmare

I think this still can be a dream – it’s just a negative one. Often nightmares can provide the power and intensity needed to dig in to get the job done whereas positive dreams can add to the passion and longevity of my pursuit.

Lately, the nightmare in mind has been related to my family. I think about the reality that my mother is $100,000 in debt. My brother has no job and is leeching from her, and she really has very little steady source of income (I’m not convinced that her retirement pay will stick around forever.)

Needless to say, with time her health will fade and with that, massive medical debt may be on my horizon.

Within the next few years, there is a major economic depression forecasted for the nation, and without a major source of ongoing income, and a significant savings (distributed over several banks) times will be tough.

Other nightmares that I might sometime write about are:

  • Quitting in life.
  • Cycles (alcoholism, relationships, financial, etc.)

I’m sure there are more… but I’d bet I could elaborate for quite a while on those alone.

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