I am growing in my experience with photography, but there seems to only be so much that one learns from trial and error with the norm of shooting experiences. I feel like it would be wise to articulate what things I would like to learn and be capable of doing over time.

Infrared Photography
I have read that IR photography is indeed possible even with the dSLR’s that theoretically only capture the visible light spectrum.

UV Photography
Plants and landscapes actually reflect other light depending on the materials, and I’ve seen some nifty shots of what can be.

Formal Photography
This would be to help me grow in my wedding photography. I don’t particularly like the idea of studio settings, but I’d be okay with knowing how to create a top-quality photo with professional lighting.

Sports Photography
I think all that this would take would be a fast lens and body, and plenty of shooting time to learn what can be done. Austin mentioned that pro photographers have lighting rigs in the facility of basketball and the like, so I’m not sure what can be done with that, but it would be interesting to learn.

Architecture Photography
Not that I’m interested in being a dude paid to run around and take pictures of buildings, but I like the idea of being able to take top-notch photos while traveling, for whatever application I deem appropriate after the trip. There are so many boring building and location shots that I generally overlook them when toting a camera for my own enjoyment.

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