Things, But Very Slowly

I think it would be a blast to take the time and have the resources to explore the world we live in with great detail to discover those things that previously go unseen. Take, for instance, the Brainiac’s, “Things but very slowly” collection. Here’s a compilation of the types of things that would be fun to do:

Or, why not get into still-frame photography of high-speed items. Here are just a couple of cool examples:

Inspired Bicycles

Just a quick post about a fella and his bike. I came across this video while perusing a photographer’s newsletter, and he had the fortune to work with the guy on the bike (and his sponsor). First of all, I think it’s pretty cool that photography can carry me into different avenues of talent that I might not otherwise have the chance to experience. The same goes for AG of course – I was just listening to Dean talk last night about the fact that with his wealth and freedom of time, he has been able to work with several high talent groups some of which we’d be surprised at his affiliation (like Linkin Park, I believe).

At any rate, the other part of posting this video is just to highlight the amazing talent that we can hone if we work in our areas of strength and are willing to fail forward, and to try over and over again. Pretty amazing stuff.

Check it out:

Explorations of Nature’s Beauty

My friend and fellow photographer, Daniel Buckscott, has been blessed with many things. I think the one that I’m most envious of is the fact that he gets the opportunity to explore so many of natures beautiful places as part of his ongoing efforts to document it, educate others and protect the environment.

In time, I look forward to exploring with him, or even on my own. I have a feeling that with a little bit of Huck-Finn like energy, and a bit of cash, I could find some pretty cool, and remote, places. Here’s a quick example of what can be done with an afternoon and a helicopter (and camera & kayak & model):


PS – Daniel, I hope, if you find this, that you consider it an honor that I’d love to do some of the things that you’ve already done! And, while I didn’t ask for permission to post this image, I am very hopeful that you’ll allow me to continue using it while I direct people to your awesome website: