• I want to make a difference rather than a living.
  • I want to fulfill my wife’s every wish.
  • I want to glorify god through my serving my wife in the way that christ served the church.
  • I want to treat my wife to a first class lifestyle.
  • I want to be accused of being newlyweds on our 50th anniversary and beyond.
  • I want to be giddy in love, flirtation, and joy.
  • I want to see joy in my wife’s eyes all the time.
  • I want to help her to see joy in herself, and in the world.
  • I want to create vivid memories for my family and for others.
  • I want to treat my extended family to their wildest dreams.
  • I want to treat friends and family to multiple once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • I want to help others achieve their goals.
  • I want to be financially independent.
  • I want to finance worthwhile projects.
  • I want to view money as we view oxygen (= having more than enough to do anything I choose to do on a particular day).
  • I want to make decisions because they’re the right things to do rather than the fiscally appropriate choice.
  • I want to have absolute, 100% integrity.
  • I want to have supreme health and live vibrantly into old age (100+).
  • I want to blow God’s mind with how I react to challenges and opportunities.
  • I want to be available to God to be used to answer the prayers of others.
  • I want to roll over and snuggle with my wife instead of roll out to a job.
  • I want to be available to life and the experiences that are only accessible by having a schedule that only I control.
  • I want to give gifts that shock people.
  • I want to treat people better than their own family.
  • I want to have all of the toys and fun things I fancy.
  • I want to tip $100 on a cup of coffee, regularly.
  • I want to SCUBA dive over a 30’+ king crab ball.
  • I want to travel via airport roulette (randomly pick a destination and go, without bags, plans, etc.)
  • I want to create a legacy for the Bennett family.
  • I want to change the world.
  • I want to lead my family with confidence and purpose.

Now go back up to the top and replace the word, “want” with the more appropriate word, “will”.

Where is your list?

Making Dreams Come True

Heather & I are engaged!

It’s an interesting prospect with a daunting vision of what’s to come. When I think of what I want the future to behold, there are so many things to be done, and it feels largely like a moving target.

In the past 24 hours, we’ve talked about intricacies of the upcoming ceremony and found that we gravitate towards serving and pouring life into those we care about and who can attend. Next, we talked about a small, inexpensive ceremony and then to use the money and make the goal to become absolute servers to people in our lives.

And right now, I’m listening to Brad Duncan. He has the best marriage that I know of. He’s transparent, loves his wife, and FIGHTS to give her all of her dreams. I want to be that for Heather, but alas, I’m still young and learning. I hope that I can grow into those shoes quickly and help her to know how incredibly important she is.

We will work to clarify more and more what it is we want for our lives, and we’ll see where it goes and what our dreams become.

I’ll keep you posted.



I like to sleep. Actually, I might not really know what sleep is like, but I like the results that it brings – that warm fuzzy feeling when you wake up: relaxed and comfortable. I think what I dislike most about sleep is the fact that it most often is broken by an alarm clock.

From what I hear, there are specific sleep cycles that we each have and that each person operates with differing success based on the quantity and quality of sleep they receive. I’ve heard about scientists who slept 15 minutes every four hours and were able to continue working on things that match their purpose in life. I like that idea – I’d like to learn how to best sleep for re-energizing myself and being the most productive individual I can be.

The other day on LifeHacker.com, I found a link to a BBC science website which allowed me to take a little quiz and to learn about my sleep patterns.

This is one of my dreams – to have the time, and the resources to hire people to help me understand with great detail my natural sleep cycle so that I can have more time in life to do the things that are important to me!

The other thing that I would LOOOVVVEEE to do is to get one of those really really comfy beds with a thick pillow-top mattress and soft but firm pillows. I love the feel of a down comforter, but I may be allergic to down… I’ll have to figure that one out too!


Last night while we were prepping for the upcoming Go Green event, Bill was recording brief clips of why we decided to start and continue to build our own companies.

I just though to post quickly a list of the things that jumped to mind yesterday – perhaps I’ll come back through later to elaborate on the list.

  1. Retire my mother (or supplement her income drastically to help pay off her debt.)
  2. Support causes close to home: BBBS, local youth programs, outdoor educational programs (WOA)
  3. Freedom: I want to be able to make choices based on the quality of the choice, not the resources I have available. I want to control my schedule and the activities I participate in.

Letters to a Young Brother

Mountain Biker Adventure Course

I’ve been reading a book by Hill Harper of CSI:NY (a popular TV show, I guess). The name of it? You guessed it: Letters to a Young Brother; MANifest Your Destiny.

I have been reading it slowly, a page or two at a time and it’s structured as a bunch of letters between Hill, and a “young brother.” The dialog is frank and to the point, and though I don’t align with all of the precepts, I think it’s a good book for youth running through those tough times of adolescence. Heck, it’s even a good read now that I’m a 20-something!

I’m nearly 3/4 of the way complete with the book, and during each of the chapters, Hill offers direction, correction and encouragement. The most recent chapter I’ve read is on Living with Passion.

I thought it would be appropriate to log an entry here because he asks some very pertinent questions towards developing passion, purpose and vision in life.

On page 118, he writes

“But for real — what makes you smile? What makes your heart beat faster? What makes you excited?”

What good questions.

For me, the thing that comes to mind first is helping other people to overcome their fears and apprehensions in pursuit of something bigger. I love to see people conquer the scary things in life, whether that is a big decision of engagement or baptism, or perhaps something more everyday’ish, like feeling afraid, but riding a tough spot of the trail.

I love to see people in pursuit of goals. I have always loved to see people at challenge courses reaching out of their comfort area and either getting involved, or trying an element that is outside their confidence zone.